On Blogging

Blogging is hot. It would surprise me if you don’t know a single person who maintains or has maintained his/her own blog. I have decided to start one as well. It seems to fit the self-centeredness of the current generation. But is it self-centered? And if so, is that a bad thing? I think it is self-centered. Blogging is personal. People share their stories, their ideas, their values. Nevertheless, that doesn’t have to be negative. Sure, many people have trouble writing in an enticing way (but maybe they’ve started a blog to improve that!). But blogging is also connected to the most fundamental pieces of our humanity: writing and sharing ideas. As individuals, we are incapable of great accomplishments such as landing on a moon, or building flying machines. Together, through the sharing of ideas, we can accomplish more. Writing allows us to write our thoughts and memories down. It takes it out of our brain – which has a limited long-term and a limited working memory – and makes it much more durable. Writing has brought us progress.

So, my blog will bring you great accomplishments and progress. No, of course not. But it might give you some insights now and then, even if I only manage to produce a good article 1 in 10 tries. I welcome you to my blog.