Below is a collection of theses, non-academic articles, and essays.

Rozendal, S.T. (2019). Uncertainty About the Expected Moral Value of the Long-Term Future: Is Reducing Human Extinction Risk Valuable? (MA Philosophy thesis)

Rozendal, S.T. (November 2019). Eight high-level uncertainties about global catastrophic and existential risk. Effective Altruism Forum

Rozendal, S.T. (Working paper). Towards Comprehensive Existential Risk Assessment.

Rozendal, S.T., Shovelain, J., and D. Kristoffersson (May 2019). A case for strategy research: what it is and why we need more of it. Effective Altruism Forum

Rozendal, S.T. (2018). The Problem of Complex Cluelessness.

Rozendal, S.T. (2018). Meat Consumption And Resistance To Change: Does Psychological Threat Play A Role? (MSc Strategic Innovation Management thesis)

Rozendal, S.T. (2018). Satisficing altruism vs. maximizing altruism: when doing good is more useful than doing best.

Rozendal, S.T. (2018). Nonhuman animal welfare and future beings: a metanormative perspective.