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Hi, I’m Siebe. I am deeply interested in how the world works and I strive to do good: to be effective in my altruistic efforts. I find ethics and rationality important, but I also care about putting theory into action. I’m at an early point in my career, so what matters most to me is exploring where I’m a good fit, building flexible career capital (skills, network, knowledge), and signalling that I’m useful!

I blog because I think a lot, and writing helps me to clarify my thinking, and also serves as a reference point to others. As you may notice, the topics vary a lot – I blog on whatever is on my mind and is suitable for a short post. I also think about other topics, but those are better captured in longer essays.

You can find my cv here (to be added), and my linkedin profile here.

Current Projects

Writing thesis, MA Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (Set to finish end of January 2019)

The expected value of the long-term future: the relevant tradeoffs between probabilities of utopia, dystopia, and existential disaster.

President, Effective Altruism Groningen

I build and maintain the local effective altruism community. I focus on coaching individuals and bringing people together, such as academics, animal advocates, or people interested in artificial superintelligence. I meet up a lot for coffee! (actually mint tea..)

Operations Manager, Human Welfare Core Group

Co-Organizer, Values-to-Actions Retreat

Long-Term Goals

Briefly stated, I want to make sure the long-term future consist of many happy, fulfilled sentient beings. This means I want to reduce both existential risks and suffering risks (links to be added). Practically, this means I want to do 1) prioritization research, 2) work

Personal interests

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