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I am an impact-driven, open-minded, and truth-seeking thinker. I highly value flow, depth, and connection. I strive to be a great learner and a great teacher, and I enjoy learning in different contexts. What I learn in one area I try to translate to others. As a methodological omnivore, I try to employ the tools best suited for a project, ranging from quantitative empirical methods, to conceptual philosophy, all the way to art and dance.

Although this description seems to imply my activity is scattered, I focus on what I find most essential. I take on few projects and give them my full attention. My professional path is to reduce existential risk and improve the prospects of the long-term future. My personal path is to connect with great people.

I like to explore and experiment and I am critical in my selection. As a result, it is a challenge to embrace slip-ups, mistakes, weaknesses, and to let go of the expectations of others. Bringing self-acceptance and self-improvement together in one person is another challenge.

I try to reject binary thinking and engage with the complexity of our world; ignoring complexity is dangerous. At the same time, it is easy to become lost, discouraged, or paralyzed in a complex and nuanced world. Therefore I try to focus on the big picture and clarify it where possible. In other cases, I try to strike forward despite the uncertainty. In a complex system, impact and information cannot be gained solely by thinking. Action and organization is required.

Lastly, I highly value feedback and transparency. I value feedback in many forms: communicated by people, or via the signals visible in a system. Feedback is crucial to improve one’s performance and fit with the environment. I also like to give feedback – solicited or not.

You can find my cv here and my linkedin profile here.

Current Projects

Research Associate, Institute for Advanced Sustainbility Studies – Potsdam, Germany

I work on the RECIPES project as researcher and coordinator of 9 case studies. We research the friction between and reconciliation of precaution, science, and innovation. Case studies include biotech, AI, and seven more.

PhD Application, Risk Analysis

I am highly interested in the analysis of catastrophic-impact risks with high uncertainty; global catastrophic and existential risks. I am currently searching for a PhD position on the human dimension in global catastrophic risk: how human systems are affected by global catastrophes and how we should deal with uncertainty about humanity’s response to catastrophe.

Past projects

(see also my Research page)

I finished my MA Philosophy in November 2019. I specialized in longtermism and (moral) uncertainty. My thesis is called Uncertainty about the expected moral value of the long-term future: is human extinction risk reduction valuable?

I built and maintained the local effective altruism community, EA Groningen, as president. I focus on coaching individuals and bringing people together, such as academics, animal advocates, or people interested in artificial superintelligence. I meet up a lot for coffee! (actually mint tea..)

I researched Comprehensive Existential Risk Assessment at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge.

I wrote about strategy research and strategic uncertainty about global catastrophic and existential risk.

I helped to found the Happier Lives Institute, an institute focusing on finding high-impact actions to improve subjective well-being.

I organized the Values-to-Actions Retreat. We brought together about 30 altruists to work through their values, to translate them into actionable plans, and to take action.

I researched the social dimension of moral behavior as part of my MSc in Strategic Innovation Management.

Personal interests

I love to dance (salsa and free form), draw, write, climb, run, and do many sports. Through this, I have learned about play, creativity, and learning from mistakes. I like to read and learn about big topics like nature, evolution, and complexity. I also love to just connect with people.

You can find my art on instagram.


You can contact me via sieberozendal[at]gmail.com

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